Hair Salon

Prices are subject to change without notice
  From IDR 100.000

Hair Cut for Man

Includes consultation, wash, conditioner, scalp massage and blow dry / styling

Man Hair Cut IDR 200.000
Beard Trimming IDR 100.000

  60 min - IDR 250.000

Hair Mask

It’s like an intense conditioner to soak and cover your  hair with the big help it needs to get better and stronger – Whether its air heat-damaged, chemically-colored, curly or even simply aging

  60 min - IDR 225.000

Avocado Hair Creambath

Hair wash and gentle massage on the scalp by using hair cream to revitalize and protect the hair. Just before re-washing and drying, your hair will be steamed for about 10 minutes, followed by a head, hand, neck, and shoulder massage also hair tonic at the end of the treatment.

  From IDR 950.000

Ombre Foil Highlight & Lowlight

Includes consultation, shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, and scalps massage.

1/4 (Quarto) IDR 950.000
1/2 (Half) IDR 1.180.000
3/4 (Three Quarter) IDR 1.350.000
Full IDR 1.480.000


  IDR 175.000

Kids Hair Cut

Kids under 10 years. Includes consultation, wash . Scalp massage, and blow dry / styling

  From IDR 275.000

Ladies Hair Cut

Includes concultation, wash, conditioner, scalps massage, shampoo, blow dry/hair styling

Short IDR 275.000
Medium IDR 325.000
Long IDR 375.000
Extra Long IDR 425.000

  From IDR 680.000


Includes consultation, wash , conditioner, scalp massage, and blow dry / styling

Regrowth 0-5cm IDR 680.000
Full color IDR 1.000.000
Full blech + Toner IDR 1.150.000
Gent Color Short IDR 1.150.000


  From IDR 600.000

High Light and Low Light + TONER

Includes consultation, wash, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage and blow dry / styling


1/4 ( One Quarter  ) IDR 600.000
1/2 ( Half ) IDR 700.000
Full IDR 800.000


  IDR 1.290.000


‘The word”balayage” is a French word meaning “to sweep” or” paint”. it is a technique for dyeing hair in which the dye is hand painted onto the hair to give it a natural, gradual trnasition with no obvious or harsh lines. Balayage uses various tones of light and dark to create multiple dimensions of colour, leaving the hair with a blended, natural, sunkissed glow.

‘The most appealing thing about balayage is that the colour can be customized completely to your hair colour and hair type. By strategically freehand painting the hair, you can highlight or even detract from certain features of your face, and you can be sure that no one else out there has the exact same hair colour as you

  From IDR 1.550.000

Hair Relaxing Keratin Treatment

Includes consultation,wash, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage, and blow dry / styling

Short IDR 1.550.000
Medium IDR 1.990.000
Long IDR 2.500.000

  From IDR 200.000

Shampoo & Blow Dry Styling

Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, and scalp massage

Short IDR 200.000
Medium IDR 270.000
Long IDR 350.000
Extra Long IDR 420.000

  From IDR 100.000

Lash & Brow

Eye Lash Tint IDR 150.000
Brow Tint IDR 100.000

  From IDR 850.000

Hair Ritual Treatment- Omniplex, BONDPLEX OR DAMAGED HAIR ALFAPARF

Anti breakage technology protein rainfurt. Stay 1 month for treatment


Short IDR 850.000
Medium IDR 1.050.000
Long IDR 1.280.000


  IDR 500.000

Hair Cleansing, Pre Pigmentation Color

Remove Color – IDR 500.000