Raja Ratu Package

Ayurvedic Theraphy Massage ( Shirodara )

Ayurvedhic theraphy to steady the mind and strenghten the senses. Herbal oils are warmed and poured in a gentle, contiunous stream across the forehead to remedy menatl strain, insomnia, stress and anxiety. includes a shooting upper body abhyanga massage. we recommend the rich oil remain on the head for at least 1 hour to nourish and protect senses.

Traditional Balinese Body Mask (Boreh)

Enjoy a traditional massage using Spice Oil, followed by a Balinese Boreh Body Mask, highly recommended if you have a fever, headaches, muscles aches and arthritis. This aromatic mask increases circulation, exfoliates and softens skin. Finally, enjoy relaxing hot shower.

Organic Hair Treatment

Now there is a safer non chemical, organic way to revive and rejuvenate your hair and destress at the same time. Organic Hair Creambath is a mixture of fruits, yogurt, essential oils and 7 different herbs. This concoction is blended in front of you. This treatment session helps to reduce hair fall/loss and promote hair growth. The massage and steam given helps increase oxygen and blood flow to the scalp. This also further assists the herbs to penetrate better all which will lead to healthier and stronger hair.

Included free transportation (pickup & drop off) for hotel in Ubud Center area, min. 2 persons